👋 Hi, I am Adarsh

A Full time backend engineer, a part time freelancer from India.

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about me.

Hey! I am an engineer (Developer, most of the times), learning how to build scalable and robust backend systems. My core focus is crafting efficient, well-architected backends that prioritize developer experience and maintainability, improving user experience. Along with that, I am a NextArch foundation (a sub foundation of the linux foundation) ambassador, cncf bhopal chapter lead, a GDSC Lead and a MLSA.

I am currently open for SDE/SWE intern roles, which involves building robust and resiliant backend infrastrucure, fast & efficient API's and libraries, backend engineering as the core.

A collaborative team of engineers or Freelancers, who are building great products. Interested in working together? Feel free to schedule a meet!


worked as.

Software Engineering Intern, DataSherlocks


Apr, 2024-

  • Built an open source library named Xray for Simplifying database structure extraction like MySQL and PostgreSQL in Go.
  • Implemented specialized methods for efficiently extracting database schemas from MySQL,PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Bigquery databases.
  • Strengthened library reliability by integrating comprehensive unit tests to ensure functionality and performance, providing developers with a dependable tool for database structure extraction in Go projects.

DevRel Engineer Intern, The Internet Folks


Nov, 2022-Dec, 2022

  • Collaborated with the developer community to enhance product awareness and adoption.
  • Engaged with developers on social media platforms and forums to build and nurture a strong developer community.
  • Actively engaged with the developer community through forums, social media, and events to foster relationships and gather feedback.


🏗️ Ongoing

  • An open source library for Simplifying database structure extraction for databases in Go.
  • Implemeted methods for extracting database schema for MySQL and PostgreSQL,Snowflake, Bigquery
  • Added unit tests to test the library functionality and reliability.
  • created a library to provide developers with a reliable tool for simplifying database structure extraction in Go projects.
category: Go Library
Technologies used: Go, MySQL, Postgres, docker, snowflake, bigquery

Toolcraft: A microservice tool calculator

🏗️ Ongoing

  • A microservoce application that calculate the real time distance travalled by a vehicle and create a toll tax invoice accordingly.
  • Integrated with Websocket for real time data visualization & Apache Kafka for real time data processing.
  • Implemented GRPC for microservice communication.
  • The application has Prometheus and Graphana integrated for monitoring and alerting.
category: Microservices
Technologies used: Go, GRPC, Protobufs, Apache Kafka, Docker, Prometheus, Graphana, Websocket

Book My Hotel

👍🏽 Maintained

  • A fully fledged backend system that falicitates hotel management (an OYO MVP).
  • Implemeted JWT Token based Authentication.
  • Added Admin panel for Hotel and room management.
  • Added Database seeding using MongoDB.
category: Monoliths
Technologies used: Go, go-fiber, JSON API, JWT token, Docker


✨ Open Source

  • A linux service that sends your github notifications, directly into your Ubuntu's centralised notification center.
  • Built for automating your repetetive notififcations rechecking.
  • Used Github API for fetching real time notifications.
  • Used Linux kernal built it package "notify-send" to send the notification.
category: Linux Package
Technologies used: Go, Github API






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